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Updates & Changelog

This page contains all changes to the Installation Guide and Ultimate Skyrim files.

Version 3.4 (6/23/2017)

  • Guards should reliably defend you during fights. If you encounter an enemy that guards ignore, please report it on the subreddit.
  • Proventus Avenicci & Terek can now properly access Breezehome.
  • The main quest will now properly progress when speaking to Alvor.
  • Removed floating Dwarven gear from Vlindrel Hall, and fixed some errant lighting.
  • Breton racial Dragonskin is no longer bugged.
  • Added more vital attribute potions to Apothecaries.
  • Hisygg should no longer catch on fire.
  • General Tullius and Legate Rikke should now wear their proper outfits.
  • Night-Eye has been overhauled for better usability.
  • Fixed a bug preventing smelters from imparting xp.
  • Fixed clipping furniture outside Jorrvaskr.
  • Fixed clipping bridge in Morthal.
  • Fixed an improper model assignment for the Keepers of Hattu Helmet.
  • Fixed Ahlam’s hair.
  • Download Mods: Added Modern Brawl Bug Fix. (Required)
  • Download Mods: Added Tavern Games. (Optional)
  • Download Mods: Updated Relationship Dialogue Overhaul to 2.0, and added FOMOD instructions.
  • Download Mods: Updated Immersive Children to 3.1.
  • Download Mods: Updated Minor Arcana to 2.63.
  • Download Mods: Replaced separate entries for Duncan’s paper world maps with his new single download version.
  • Verify Installation: Added Bethesda High-Res Textures to the Mod Order Masterlist.
  • Verify Installation: Added “RDO - iAFT Patch.esp” and “RDO - EFF v4.0.2 Patch.esp” to the Disabled section.
  • Final Steps: Changed link color for MCM’s with Default settings.


Version 3.3 (6/4/2017)

  • Removed DFB - Random Encounters for balance.
  • Removed Real Names due to incompatibilities.
  • Updated Proudspire Manor Refurbished to 1.9.
  • Updated Immersive Children to 3.0.
  • Updated Spell Research to 1.2.
  • Updated MCM for Dynamic Things (Under “Advanced Options”: Unchecked “New version for Ownership”, reduced chance of rare EECo loot to 3%)
  • Updated MCM for Immersive Horses (stolen horses should be marked as claimable)
  • Mod Order Masterlist: Moved Ruins Clutter Improved beneath ELFX/SMIM, as instructed by mod author.
  • Added a note to RealVision ENB about Night Eye compatibility.
  • Added a note to Dead is Dead for new Requiem players.
  • Plugin Order Masterlist: Moved “Requiem for the Indifferent.esp” to the very bottom.
  • Plugin Order Masterlist: Moved “Undeath Immersive Lichdom V3” higher.
  • Plugin Order Masterlist: Updated sorting files to reflect changes.
  • Post-Installation Video: Removed incorrect instructions about Merging Leveled Items/NPC’s.
  • Fixed a crash in the Solitude Thalmor Headquarters.
  • Fixed a bug preventing “Fade Other” from working properly.
  • Fixed a broken static in the Inconsequential NPC’s patch.
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from properly transforming into Liches.
  • Overhauled summon spells for congruity with Undeath features.
  • Fixed an issue with invisible Scryes in Apocrypha.
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from adopting Frost.
  • Fixed a bug preventing proper display of Silver weapon enchantments.
  • Nerfed Spell Tome values.
  • Overhauled Brigandage armor balance and fixed improper keywording.


Version 3.2

  • Added Brigandage (Required, .esp disabled). Thanks to ANoobInDisguise for his Requiem patch!
  • Added Simple Taxes (Optional). MCM configuration added to Final Steps.
  • Replaced Non-Essential Children with Immersive Children to fix issues with child environment interactions. (Required)
  • Replaced Warburg’s Solstheim World Map with Duncan’s Solstheim World Map for better consistency with other world maps.
  • Added Complete installation filesize to the Download Mods page.
  • Added a note about installing ENBoost for non-ENB users.
  • Added a note about activating mods to Download Mods page.
  • Added instructions on refreshing MO to the Verify Installation page.
  • Added missing plugins to the Disabled section of the Plugin Order: Wyrmstooth - Realistic Ownership.esp, Wyrmstooth - Typo Fix.esp
  • Clarified installation instructions for patches that affect Optional Mods.
  • Adjusted Mod Order for XP32 skeleton and Ruins Clutter Improved. (Plugin Order remains the same.)
  • Fixed typos on the modlist for Notice Board Updated and FISS.
  • Updated sorting files for Plugin Order to reflect new additions & changes.
  • Reduced Salt value for balance.
  • Fixed silver weapon descriptions so they all match.

Version 3.11

  • Fixed improper Reqtificator tags on the UltimateSkyrim.esp. This should fix broken leveled lists/character templates.


Version 3.1

  • Consolidated Ultimate Skyrim patches into a FOMOD installer. Thanks to Adolf Gatonegro for putting this together.
  • Updated Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch to 3.0.9.
  • Replaced the MCM video with Imgur albums for easier updating and editing.


Version 3.0

  • Unified changelogs for the website and mod files. It should be easier to track updates now.
  • Added FileAccess Interface 1.21. (Required)
  • Added 1.09 Hotfix for Honed Metal. (Required)
  • Updated Immersive Horses to 2.5. (Required)
  • Updated Craftable Horse Barding to 3.4. (Required)
  • Updated RaceCompatibility for Dawnguard to 1.106. (Required)
  • Updated Wyrmstooth - Tweaks and Enhancements to 1.6. (Optional)
  • Fixed a longstanding bug causing errors with the Reqtificator. Infinite thanks to Adolf Gatonegro for this fix. (Ultimate Skyrim Core)
  • Nerfed King Dynar's Blade from ETaC. (Ultimate Skyrim ETaC Patch)
  • Fixed a bug preventing ETaC inns from functioning properly. You can now choose vanilla rental for all inns, or use (Advanced) for extra inn features. (Ultimate Skyrim ETaC Patch)
  • Added a warning about Merging/Renaming mods to the Download Mods page.
  • Updated files for easy Plugin sorting on the Verify Installation page.
  • Added a readme to the INI downloads.
  • Linked to the Ultimate Skyrim Subreddit on the Final Steps page.
  • Moved AmazingFollowerTweaks.esp higher in the master Plugin Order.

OLD Installation Guide Changelog

OLD Mod Files Changelog

Version 2.05

  • Added “Bandolier - Dawnguard.” (Required) (esp disabled)
  • Added “Optimized Vanilla Textures” (Optional)
  • Added “Smarter Combat Music”. (Optional)
  • Added “MoreHUD”. (Optional)
  • Added “A Matter of Time”. (Optional)
  • Added “Paper World Map - Falskaar” and “Paper World Map - Wyrmstooth”. (Optional)
  • Swapped “Touring Carriages” for “Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul". (Required)
  • Swapped "Covered Carriages - Touring Carriages Version" for "Covered Carriages - SMIM Version".
  • Updated Ultimate Skyrim to 1.06.
  • Updated Ultimate Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim Patch to 1.01.
  • Updated Ultimate Skyrim - Inconsequential NPC’s Patch to 1.02.
  • Updated Follower Potions to 1.03.00.
  • Updated Hunters Not Bandits to 3.1.
  • All INI settings updated with better Actor Fade
  • Added download links and INI files to Getting Started

Version 2.04

  • Added Dual Wield Parrying.
  • Added Stealth Meter Tweak.
  • Updated MCM video description with instructions for Dual Wield Parrying, Stealth Meter Tweak, and SFM Followers.
  • Updated "Downloading Mods" page with instructions on tracking Nexus mod files.
  • Updated Grass on Steroids entry to reflect alternate choices.
  • Updated INI files to include Low, Medium, and High options. (Thanks to BethINI!)
  • Updated Ultimate Skyrim to 1.05.
  • Updated Ultimate Skyrim - iAFT Patch to 1.01.
  • Updated Ultimate Skyrim - Incon NPC's Patch to 1.01.

Version 2.03

  • Updated Ultimate Skyrim to 1.04.
  • Updated Alternate Start - Live Another Life to 3.1.6.

Version 2.02

  • Updated the installation guide to be colorblind friendly.
  • Added files to the "Verify Installation" page for easy Plugin Order sorting.
  • Changed the placement of Dawn of Skyrim/ETaC Real Shelter patches in the Mod Order masterlist.
  • Removed Lip Sync Fix (redundant with Bug Fixes).
  • Updated Follower Potions to 1.02.00.
  • Updated Hunters Not Bandits to 3.0.
  • Made Grass on Steroids optional.
  • Changed Dynamic Things performance impact to Medium.

Version 2.01

  • Fixed a Load Order typo for Vampiric Thirst Redone for Requiem.
  • General layout adjustments/bugfixes

Version 2.0

  • Completely overhauled the Installation Guide, adding new pages and features. Have a look around!
  • Added "Vampiric Thirst - Requiem Patch" to the modlist. Make sure to download this new file!
  • Updated modlist to Honed Metal 1.09.
  • Updated modlist to Cutting Room Floor 2.0.5.
  • Updated modlist to reflect proper Ultimate Skyrim versions.

Ultimate Skyrim Version 1.06

  • Nightgate Inn is now properly accessible.
  • Memory Blocks Log disabled by default to gain performance.
  • Removed floating Heljarchen Farm flyer in the Sleeping Giant Inn.
  • Fixed invisible Riften canal water for Core installation users.
  • Reduced wildlife health to make hunting more forgiving for low-level characters. (Credit to Nonsonoigucas for this overhaul!)
  • Swapped out Touring Carriages in favor of Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul.
  • More generic potions added to Alchemist inventories.
  • More arrow/bolt stock added to Fletcher inventories.
  • Fixed bugged description for Healing Poultices.
  • Reduced the cost of fishing nets.

Ultimate Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim Patch 1.01

  • Removed some errant clipping items.

Ultimate Skyrim - Inconsequential NPC's Patch 1.02

  • Fixed some broken dialogue trees.

Ultimate Skyrim Version 1.05

  • Reqtified Orcish Chieftains. Careful with these boys!
  • Beefed up Jenassa and Vorstag a bit.

Ultimate Skyrim - Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks Patch 1.01

  • Fixed an issue where horses would not follow the player properly.
  • Fixed a few incompatibilities with RDO.

Ultimate Skyrim - Inconsequential NPC's Patch 1.01

  • Reqtified some mercenary followers.

Ultimate Skyrim Version 1.04

  • Removed duplicate Redguard race during character creation.
  • Removed Eorlund Gray-Mane's helmet. Who forges with a helmet?
  • Fixed improper lighting in the Silver-Blood Inn.
  • Changed sounds for shield-bashing, horse trampling, and bull-rushing.

Ultimate Skyrim Version 1.03

  • 725 Gold now required to craft Gold Ingots to prevent exploitation.
  • Fixed broken edits to the Elven Great Wings Blade.
  • Removed all nirnroot sounds.
  • Fixed broken contents for container TreasBanditChestEMPTY.
  • Salt is no longer required for cooking any basic meat.
  • Removed floating candle in The Bee & Barb.
  • Removed floating bridge from outside Whiterun caused by Glorious Fort Dawnguard.
  • Removed floating Heljarchen Farm poster from Sleeping Giant Inn.
  • Fixed naked Solstheim Reavers thanks to version 1.60 of Requiem Patch Central 1.9.4.

Ultimate Skyrim - Expanded Towns and Cities Patch 1.02

  • Removed Morthal bridge conflict between ETaC and No Snow Under Roofs.

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