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Final Steps

This page will finalize your Ultimate Skyrim installation.

Approximate Time: 30 - 75 minutes

This video covers FNIS, ENB, SkyProc Patchers, and other final operations.


NOTE: When running the Reqtificator, do NOT check "Merge Leveled Items"

or "Merge Leveled Characters".

NOTE: If you installed an ENB, your enblocal.ini may need additional configuring.

Please visit the Ultimate Skyrim Discord for help - this process is easy and quick.


Once you've finished, launch the game in MO with the SKSE executable.

This is how you will always launch the game from now on.


WARNING: Do not launch the game through the Skyrim Launcher or Steam!

This can reset your .ini's and cause other problems.


Once you've launched the game, select "New" to begin a new character.

You will see several messages in the corner. Wait for these to complete,

then use the following screenshots to configure your MCM settings.


Red MCM's are default, and do not require configuration.

If a mod's MCM does not appear, wait 10 minutes and check again.
If the menu is still missing, enter "setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1" into the console.


Once you've finished configuring, create a new save so you don't have to re-do MCM's again.

NOTE: If you're using Dead is Dead, visit the Discord or Subreddit for help making this save.


Once you've saved your game, use the Statue of Mara to select your start and begin the game!

If you installed Randomize Word Walls, activate the power in your Spells Menu.

Congratulations - Ultimate Skyrim is successfully installed! You did it!


I understand how difficult this process can be, and thank you for your patience.

The team and I working hard to improve the install process & enhance the game even further.


For the latest news on Ultimate Skyrim, please visit my YouTube channel.

To join our community, or if you need tech support, please visit the Discord & Subreddit.

If you'd like to support me directly (and get early build access), please visit my Patreon.


Thank you for your support, and for your interest in the Ultimate Skyrim project.


Love, BB

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